Children's Ministry

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Sunday School Services are available for the following 

A nursery is provided for babies 0 - 18 months.  
Also available is a nursing room, located in the back of the sanctuary, for nursing mothers who would like their babies with them.

Toddler classes are provided for children 18 months through 36 months.  Classes expose our children to the large concepts such as "God gave us families, God and His creation".

Pre-kindergarten classes are provided for children 3 -5 years old.  Classes expose our children to the concepts such as "God takes care of us, God loves us".

Kindergarten - 1st grade:  
Classes provid children in kindergarten and first grade with a Sunday school experience that opens their hearts and minds to God's Word and the love of Jesus as they begin to form a foundation of faith.

2nd - 3rd grade:   
Classes for second and third graders presents a Sunday school experience that matches their growing independence and responsibility, along with their capacity to grasp the love of God within His Word, the Bible.

4th - 5th grade:  
Classes provide children in fourth and fifth grades with a Sunday school experience that deepens their Bible study skills and Scripture knowledge.

6th - 8th grade:  
Classes present middle schoolers with teachings that support them through this important time of change-physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Children's Church:
SKITuations is designed to lead children (kindergarten-sixth graders) into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  This interactive curriculum can be used for any setting where elementary children are present!
Skituations occur every third month.


Go through the Bible 365 days each year with your kids using videos. Help start the conversation and lead them into a closer walk with the Lord. All videos have been previewed for scriptural accuracy. 

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