Care Share Prayer Format

A short but powerful time to be part of a small prayer group, centered around God's Word.

Format, Process & Questions
(1 Hour Format-Sample time given)

TimeProcess & Questions
7:00Welcome-Everyone arrives.
7:05Read Through The Sunday Morning Scripture
7:10Personal Sharing Time:  Possible Questions to Reflect On:
        1.Is there a specific part of the scripture or teaching that you have a question about?
        2.Was there a point in the Sunday teaching that spoke to your heart?  Why?
        3.Was there a scripture that spoke to your heart?  Why?
        4.Is the Lord touching your heart or prompting you towards an action or challenging previous belief or lifestyle that you are involved in?
        5.Is there a specific area of need that you desire to have prayer for?
7:30Prayer Requests-What can we specifically pray for?
7:40Prayer-Individual prayers.  Encourage short, targeted, specific prayers, rotating and continuing until done or until time in over.
7:58Close Prayer And Leave. Timer goes off.  
We want to be respectful of everyone’s time, including the host time, and follow the 1 hour format.
8:00Everyone is gone.