women's one hour prayer

women's one hour prayer meeting

A short but powerful time for women to be part of a small group prayer group,

centered around God's Word.


Format, Process & Questions

(1 Hour Format-Sample time given)

Time      Process & Questions

7:00       Welcome-Everyone arrives.

7:05       Read Through The Sunday Morning Scripture 

7:10       Personal Sharing Time:  Possible Questions to Reflect On:

        1.      Is there a specific part of the scripture or teaching that you have a question about? 

        2.      Was there a point in the Sunday teaching that spoke to your heart?  Why?

        3.      Was there a scripture that spoke to your heart?  Why?

        4.      Is the Lord touching your heart or prompting you towards an action or challenging a

                 previous belief or lifestyle that you are involved in?

        5.      Is there a specific area of need that you desire to have prayer for?

7:30       Prayer Requests-What can we specifically pray for?

7:40      Prayer-Individual prayers.  Encourage short, targeted, specific prayers, rotating and continuing

              until done or until time in over.

7:58       Close Prayer And Leave. Timer goes off.  

        We want to be respectful of everyone’s time, including the hosts 

        time, and follow the 1 hour format.

8:00        Everyone is gone.