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Dinner for 8

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What is Dinner for 8? Dinner for 8 is a wonderful opportunity to connect with others to share a meal and enhance fellowship and community within the body of Calvary Chapel of Gridley.  Groups plan their own meals and get together at least 4 times over a period of  4 months, sharing meals at participants’ homes, at  local restaurants, or at the church. The emphasis is on fun and fellowship so you don't have to be a gourmet cook to participate. In addition to having dinner together, read a Proverb and some time playing games or just hanging out. It doesn't get any easier than this!


Who is Dinner for 8 for? Dinner for 8 is for EVERYONE. These dinners are an exciting way for everyone associated with Calvary Chapel to connect with others that have made CCG their church home. It's also an opportunity to invite friends and neighbors who don't have a church home to experience Christian community. The emphasis is on fellowship, so you don’t have to be a great cook to participate.



  • Dinner for 8 people gather at least 4 times over a 4 month period. You will be assigned to a group at the beginning of each period. Groups are designed to be diverse in age and gender.

  • This is not only about meeting with one’s current circle of CCG friends. This is also about meeting new people you might not otherwise connect with, those new to CCG, or introducing new people to the CCG family.

  • The first meal is held at the home of the Group Leader. Where and when to meet thereafter is up to each group. Group members are encouraged to hold subsequent gatherings in their homes, church or other locations.

  • The meal, which can be dinner, lunch, picnic, or brunch, and is potluck style.  The host can provide the main part (meat) of the meal.

  • Dinners are to be alcohol free.


Q:  How does Dinner for 8 work?

A:  Complete and submit the signup card (on welcome table in church's foyer) or on the website (http://goo.gl/forms/44NrOrOunS). Check the box if you would be willing to host a group at your home. The leader of the group will contact group members to organize when and where the group will meet and what dish each person (couple) brings.  

The  Dinner for 8 kick-of will began in January.


Q:  Will there be separate Dinner for 8 groups for singles & couples?

A:  NO!! Our intention is to mix EVERYONE together. That way, it’ll be more fun.


Q:  How are Leaders selected & what do they do?

A:  You can sign up to be a Host on the sign-up form. If we have enough people desiring to form another group we select a Leader from those willing to host then publicize the new launch date of the new group. The Leader hosts the first meeting, contacts people who sign-up for their date, organizes who brings what for the shared-dish dinner and facilitates discussion through a Proverb study. At dinner the leader also facilitates discussion of where and when the group will meet next. The leader will remain the point person for that group until the end of that cycle when groups are reorganized.


Q:  I don’t have room to host a dinner or I really can’t cook!

A:  No problem! Our desire is for you to spend time eating together, getting to know each other and to include everyone. You are not required to host a dinner at your home to participate. Some groups may be hosted at the Leader’s home every month while others groups may rotate to a few willing hosts. You may also use the church house or fellowship hall for meal preparation and activities.  If you can’t or don’t like to cook you may bring drinks, buy a rotisserie chicken, or some other store bought option (approved by the host), or you may all agree to meet a time or two at a restaurant (going Dutch obviously!).


Q:  This is sounding better & better, but I have children. What happens to them?

A:  Child care will be decided by the host and parents. Ideas: Perhaps children can play or watch TV quietly in another room, possibly teen children of other group members would be willing to babysit young children at the parent’s home, or parents of young children may need to find their own baby sitter.


Q:  What happens if I have to miss a group gathering? Just let your Group Leaders know as soon as possible.


Q:  What if I have allergies or special needs? You are asked to indicate any special diets on the registration form so that your Group Leader can be sensitive to your situation.


Q:  Can we invited friends to our Dinner for 8 gathering? Sure, but check with the hosting family since they are normally the one providing the entree and do not have any facility concerns.  If you invite guests you are responsible for an additional shared-dish to be provided for the group, whether you or the additional guests provide the dish.


Q:  What happens at the end of the period? Current participants are invited to join a new Dinner for 8  group, or become Group Leaders of a new group, while current Group Leaders are asked if they are willing to be Group Leaders again. New Group Leaders and participants are of course invited as well. It is our fervent hope that the friendships developed through Dinner for 8 will continue outside group gatherings.


For any other questions, please call or text Bill (530-701-5166) or Holly (530-908-2133)