our history

history of calvary chapel gridley (CCG)

In 1981, Bob and a neighbor friend were both reading the book "The Late Great Planet Earth" and felt like they needed to do something.  So they started listening to tapes from a local 7th day Adventist church, and soon 8 people were meeting at Bob's house listening to the tapes.

A lady friend invited Mike Warren (Current Pastor of Calvary Chapel Gold Country) who was an Assistant Pastor of Live Oak Assembly of God at the time, to come and teach a Bible study.  At the first bible study, Mike led all eight of them to the Lord in Bob’s house.  Because of church concerns, Mike had to stop helping at the bible study.

Bob and Nancy started attending Maranatha, a Calvary Chapel church in Yuba City, pastored by Bob Fromm and met Brad and Angela Roberts who were attending Maranotha at the time.

Bob started borrowing and listening to Chuck Smith’s tapes from Maranatha at their home bible study.  Bob visited Calvary Chapel in Paradise and asked their pastor Dave Sweet how to start a church.  Dave Sweet sent a person to help lead the bible studies.  Brad and Angela Roberts heard that a Calvary Chapel might be starting in the Gridley area and started attending the bible study at Bob’s house.

The small group rented the local Women’s Club and opened the doors to whomever would like to join them.  Unsure who would pastor the church, Sam Allen, the youth pastor at Maranatha (Current Pastor of Calvary Chapel of Chico) told us that he had a friend, Leo Giovinetti, (Current Pastor of Mission Valley Christian Fellowship) who was visiting in Brooking and would call and have him give the message on the Sunday.  

Leo came down in the winter of 1981 and the rest is history.  Leo and his family quickly moved down and helped with the church becoming incorporated.  On 7/20/1982. Calvary Chapel of Gridley received its franchise tax board corporation identification and on 7/26/82 became incorporated with the state of California.

Leo Giovinetti served as Senior Pastor for 5 years, from 1981 to July, 1986.

Bob continued to grow in the Lord and retired at 50 year old from Pacific Telesis/ATT on 7/15/1984.   On Robert Henderson was ordained on July 23, 1986 and started pastoring a church in August 1986.  On 11/18/1989 Brad Roberts was ordained and oversaw the youth ministries.

Bob Henderson was pastor of CCG while it met in the Woman’s Hall from 1986 - 1990.

On 7/1/90 CCG purchased 210 Park Avenue for a permanent church building.

On July 2016 Bob has been the Senior Pastor of CCG for 30 years.  Bob has faithfully taught that CCG was the Lord's church.  He is the the One who will add to the church.  It is by His work of the Spirit, not by our efforts.  Bob has faithfully followed the following teaching of Acts 2:42, "And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in the breaking of bread, and in prayers." To God be the glory!!!